The Craft of Prolog. Richard O'Keefe

The Craft of Prolog

ISBN: 0262150395,9780262150392 | 412 pages | 11 Mb

The Craft of Prolog Richard O'Keefe
Publisher: MIT

He doesn't focus on the academic approach, but beautifully shows how to write clear, efficient, elegant code in Prolog. The Craft of Prolog (Logic Programming) [Paperback] REVIEW. One of the crucial 'values' of the book is that "Elegance in Not Optional". O'Keefe's “The Craft of Prolog”. Does anyone have any Prolog book recommendations? > > The Art of Prolog from Shapiro etc, was really useful for me. Two years ago, we were intimate, but time has eroded our bonds, and she is but a shadow flitting through dark synaptical corridors. Richard O'Keefe, “The Craft of Prolog (Logic Programming)” The MIT Press | 1990 | ISBN: 0262150395 | 411 pages | Djvu | 2 mb. I have an old book (1994) on Prolog called The Craft of Prolog written by Richard A. Reading the news group, I noticed the prolog FAQ did not make any references to any advance prolog programming websites. For a more programmer-oriented book on Prolog, I highly recommend Richard A. On my walk home today I felt an irresistible urge to recall Prolog. The art of Prolog ( amazon); The craft of Prolog (amazon); A prolog in haskell (, and the referenced previous implementation Hacking your program is no substitute for understanding your problem.

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